Graduate and Postdoctroal Applicants

I thank you for considering applying to UCLA, and your interest in working with me.

Like all my colleagues, I receive a large number of emails regarding graduate studies and postdoctoral positions. While I wished that I could respond to all these inquires one by one, I am simply unable to do so, a regrettable consequence of an overwhelming number of emails that I have in my mailbox every day. For this reason, with the exception of a few graduate applicants every year, I am not able to respond to your email. I apologize for this.

I try to respond to emails of postdoctoral applicants with areas and record of research/publications close to mine.

You should not be discouraged to send an application. The core areas of my research are theoretical and I am always looking for applicants with strong mathematical background and interests in control theory, machine learning, optimization theory, and network sciences, among other areas. I encourage you to take a close look at what I do to make sure it is a suitable fit. If you beleive you are a good fit to my group, please indicate my name on your application and describe in your statement why you are interested to work with me. Graduate studies and the duration of postdoctoral research are perhaps some of the best parts of your career and you should make sure you spend it doing something that you immensely enjoy.

If you send a full application to UCLA to work with me, then feel free to send me an email so that I can check your file.

Best of luck!